With 120 years of experience in mechanical precision Burcklé has considerable experience and know-how that assist in the development of key solutions in the fields of tribofinishing (unit, small to serial production), fine stamping (0.13 to 1 mm thickness) and electrical discharge erosion (conception and production). Companies that operate in various mechanical fields which are looking for a reliable partner are invited to get in touch with us for their subcontracting works.

Production equipment:

  • KAISER press 40 T.
  • SERIAL press 40 T.
  • EMG press 25 T.
  • 12 polishing vibrating bowls.
  • 4 specific polishing machines.
  • 2 dryer bowls.
  • Vertical and horizontal unrolling devices for coil strips.
  • Flat rectifier.
  • Electrical discharge erosion machine.

Handling and lifting:

  • Overhead crane weighing 3.2 T, various forklift trucks.


  • Solidworks & Autocad.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Roughness meter, Contour measuring device and hardness testing machine.

Processed materials:

Steels, stainless steels, aluminum, copper and brass.