Reed Manufacturing

Burcklé offers a wide range of profiled dents that enable reed makers to assemble reeds for the most common loom types. Dents for specific applications are available on request.

Burcklé dents are recognized throughout the world for their stable airflow and high polished surface finishing. These excellent products are obtained through a solid and complete quality system listing as their first requirement. Every single dent can be traced throughout the complete manufacturing process, from raw material to first class finished dents.

Burcklé has long-standing relationships with the leading steel suppliers in the world to ensure the best steel types are used to produce dents of the highest quality.

How will you benefit:

  • Excellent edge and surface conditions
  • Carefully stamped for ideal airflow values
  • Optimal straightness and stability
  • High tensile strengths to improve the overall rigidity of the reed
  • Wear resistance

Reed makers may also source from Burcklé conicals, velvet reed dents (boomerang), binding wire and epoxy glue to guarantee best performance for their reeds production.